Animal Awareness: Local contacts

Bee Facts

Thanks to Friends of the Earth, Malta,  here is a chance to learn more about bees… From Shakespeare to Harry Potter – we’ve been in awe of bees for centuries. But how much do you really know about the insects that play such a unique role in our environment, economy and culture? Did you know that some bee species are solitary and live in individual nests – in the ground, brickwork, wood or hollow plant stems? That effective pollination of many crops relies on a diverse range of bee species? Dumbledore – a character in the Harry Potter series – is an old Cornish word for bumblebee?; Find out more! Download the Bee Cause booklet on pollinators and the plants they love.


Animal Awareness Education Programme

The Animal Awareness Programme is there to instill values in students, not only as future mature Maltese citizens but more importantly as citizens of the World. A world which from an early age children should learn how to respect, love and live within. A world which is inhibited by humans and other living species alike.