Animal Awareness Education Programme

The Animal Awareness Programme was created to instill values in students, not only as future mature Maltese citizens but more importantly as citizens of the World.  A world which from an early age children should learn how to respect, love and live within.  A world which is inhabited by humans and others living species.

The main target is to educate children that through respect and love towards each other, animals and environment we can reach a balancing harmony and live a better life for all in this world. As Mahatma Ghandi said, a country which respects its animals and environment is a better one at respecting itself. This is exactly what educators would like to pass on to our students in order to invest for a better future where people will accept and respect diversity and the respective needs. If a child from an early age can respect, love or take care of an animal and the environment, the same he / she will do with other people when grown up!

On the website one finds related information, the Animal Magic Magazine, resources /lesson plans for teachers, a sample of students’ work, circulars and links to other websites about animal awareness.

Contact person: Hon Robert Cutajar, MP    [email protected]