Renewing the Award

Keeping the Green Flag

Once awarded, the school can display the Green Flag – a prestigious internationally recognised and respected eco-label of high school performance – in its foyer, or hall or on a flagpole. The school will also be awarded a certificate and the permission to use the official EkoSkola logo on its letterhead and other school material.

The Green Flag award remains valid for two years after which you need to reapply to renew your award. When reapplying you need to review the award criteria once again and explain (in your report) how previous achievements were sustained and new improvements made.

Projected Time – Frame

A year is usually employed for the implementation of the environmental review and the drawing up of the action plan. Another year is usually spent in achieving the targets set out in the action plan. Schools are therefore expected to take two years before they can actually achieve the Green Flag for the first time.

You decide when you are ready to apply for an award. However, although schools will be informed about the fate of the application as soon as it is processed, the award giving ceremony will be held at the start of the following scholastic year during the yearly EkoSkola seminar.

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