Applying for an Award

If your school is successful in implementing all of the Seven Elements of the EkoSkola process you should seriously consider applying for an EkoSkola award.

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Applying for an award

Green Flag Evaluation Report/Portfolio

Schools may apply for the award at any time of the year.  30th April of each school year is considered as the last date for applying for the Green Flag for that year.

Processing of the application

The Bronze and the Silver Award are usually awarded (in the form of a certificate) after the school applies and supports the application with a brief one-page report (written by the students) about why (in their opinion) the school should receive the award. The EkoSkola Steering Committee or part of, may wish to visit the school after evaluating the students’ report.

The award of the Green Flag depends on an evaluation of the report sent by the school together with its application and a visit to the school by the evaluators. Most of the information needed to decide whether your school has been awarded the Green Flag required is already provided by the report. The aim of the evaluators’ visit is to provide an opportunity to discuss various aspects of the report with members of the EkoSkola Committee. After the visit, the evaluators report back to the EkoSkola Steering Committee – chaired by Nature Trust – FEE (Malta) as FEE’s representative – who decides whether the schools deserves the award of the Green Flag.

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