Subjects: ICT

CoReflect – Collaboration and reflection

Project CoReflect (Title: Digital support for Inquiry, Collaboration, and Reflection on Socio-Scientific Debates) is a three year (2008-2011) research program, funded by the European Commission, under the FP7 Science in Society program. Bringing together eight diverse and multi-disciplinary teams from seven European states, the project members promoted evidence-based practice in science teaching and learning, by collaborating to iteratively design, enact, critique, and validate problem-based innovative inquiry learning environments.


A different approach to Global Warming across the curriculum

Is Global warming man made or a natural process? CoReflect provides a set of lesson plans which tackle Global warming through a number of subjects, going across language and debate to chemistry, research skills and observation.  The age group is more aimed at secondary school students.  Below are links to the CoReflect website and the lesson plans