School Grounds: Lesson plans/Activities

It’s Time to Help! – Joint effort between Eco-Schools to produce resources

The major stimulus to launch the project „It´s Time to Help” (ITTH) was the idea of international cooperation among European schools involved in Eco-School Programme. All these schools have realized the methodology concept of “Seven Steps of Eco-School”; however, each Eco-School under the conditions of their country and their climate regions.


Water & Electricity Consumption Monitor

Do you usually note down meter readings to calculate how much electricity and water is consumed per month in your school? Want a helping hand? Below there is an attachment – an Excel sheet initially developed by Mr Saviour Tabone.  It is being further developed to also monitor waste, transport and tree planting in order to be able to provide numerical data. All you have to do is to type in the meter reading for electricity and water at the end of each month in the orange cells and automatically you will get how many units were used up and a bar chart/graph comparing consumption between months.