SDG 02 - No Hunger: Early Years

Follow up SDG 2: Sharing is caring! (Early Years – Year 2)

Read a story: The Door Bell Rang! – Video link below… Ask the children: Imagine you are either Sam or Victoria…… At the start of the story, how many cookies each did you have? When the room was filled with kids, how many cookies each did you have? If you had to be Sam or Victoria in the story, how would you feel? What if more kids came instead of grandma? Would there be enough cookies for everybody? You may end the story with a simple song: Sharing is Caring!


Follow up SDG 2: Grow your own vegetables at home! (Early Years – Year 2)

Pick a tomato and cut into slices as shown in the video link below. Involve your kids as much as possible keeping an eye out when using the knife! If you manage to have them germinate please do send us a picture! Good luck!