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ECOHIVE IS THE LARGEST EVER INVESTMENT IN THE WASTE MANAGEMENT SECTOR THAT WILL DRIVE MALTA TOWARDS A CIRCULAR ECONOMY. Similar to the dual role of bees both as pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables, and as honey producers, this project will process waste in the most sustainable and resource-efficient way possible while also turning it into precious resources – energy and agricultural compost. Hence, the name ECOHIVE. “ECO” ties to the environment and sustainability, while “HIVE” reminds us of a beehive, constantly active and buzzing with energy. Four new waste management plants will form part of the ECOHIVE project. ECOHIVE KIDS is the section dedicated to students.  Make the most of it!  There are lots of resources and ideas… Have you ever wondered what happens to the things that we throw away each day? Where do they end up? You might be the one in charge of taking the rubbish bag outside your door…but what happens to it after it is collected by the garbage truck? It comes to us! As WasteServ, all waste is processed, treated and turned into resources at the complex facilities. To help us in our mission,  the help of Commander Yellow and General Buzz have been engaged. With fierce determination and focus, our superheroes are committed to fight the Garbage Monster. Read their stories to find out how!