Which Switch? Game – Switch Campaign by OPM

The Office of the Prime Minister provided EkoSkola with giant size ‘snakes and ladders’ canvas games.  Instead of the usual ladder there is an energy saving bulb whilst the snake has been replaced by a bolt of lightning indicating an electric shock (for those who are not energy and water conscious!).  It has also hints how to use up less electricity and water…

The game is a made up of two pieces of  canvas 4 metres by 8 metres.  As already indicated it is played like a snakes and ladders game.  On each piece of canvas there is a game numbered from 1 to 50.

You will need two large dice (soft filled ones are the best).

Please note that pupils are required to take off their shoes in order to play on the game.

  1. Split the class into two groups, one for each game if you have both halves available.
  2. The first pupil throws the dice and moves starting from one to the number as shown on the dice.  The other pupils follow.  Each student is required to remember who is the one who played before him so as to know when one’s turn is.
  3. If a pupil stops on a sentence, s/he is required to read it out loud. Then s/he moves accordingly, either forward, along the enrgy saving lamp,  if it is an energy /water saving tip or backwards, along the electric shock, if the sentence indicates water or electricity wastage.
  4. Whoever arrives to the number fifty first wins the game.

Rules may be changed according to the teacher’s lesson aims and time available.

Any EkoSkola school wishing to use this game should contact their EkoSkola Coordinator.