Water Conservation & the Possibilities – various links, games and information

A couple of kids attending the Brenham Community Center in Texas suggested adding this link to our resource section after using our same section for a project they were working on. Thanks to Brenham Community Center for their input!

So here it is:

Apart from the air we breathe, water is our most precious natural resource – from helping crops to grow, to being used in our favorite beverages, on up to generating electricity at industrial power plants. The fact is, we cannot survive without water, and many parts of the world (including the United States) are facing increasing droughts and polluted water sources. Many companies that require water have shut down operations in various areas so that local agricultural operations can thrive, and we are becoming very aware that we need to do something to conserve water, because it is a finite resource.

Luckily, water conservation is not just something that is taught in good intentions. As a matter of fact, water conservation is something that can be done at home, at school, and some have even turned this environmentally friendly movement into very lucrative business opportunities.

This link in itself includes various links about the water cycle, dangers, water conservation at home, water conservation for kids, and lots more.  It’s up to you to explore!