Green Skip Services Limited

Green Skip Services Ltd is a family owned private liability company.  It started operating in October 1992, and succeeded in giving the industrial and trade waste producers, alternative and more modern, and cost effective services for the management of wastes.  

The Green Skip impeccable services and hands on management attract the custom and respect of the top industries in Malta. The directors of the company are regular participants and contributors at seminars and conferences held both locally and overseas. On a constant basis the company directors keep abreast with developments in Wastes Management through activities of the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management of UK, of which they are members. The company owns its own 8000sq Mt complex incorporating the administration building, workshop, stores, garages and run a complete wastes management facility.

Green Skip Services Ltd
Administration Building
Maghtab, NXR 08, Malta
Tel: (+356) 21 422010
Fax: (+356) 21 422029

[email protected]