Food Waste Action Plan for Malta

Following the set up of a food waste working group by the Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate change, a report with findings and proposals has been published.

The working group’s proposals include the separation of waste as mandatory and households that do not conform should be fined, and the introduction of half-portion meals in all restaurants. The fact that some restaurants don’t offer starter portions, while the starter portions of some restaurants is only one euro cheaper than the main course, thus people are more inclined to opt for the main course, causing more food to be wasted.
Hence one proposal states that smaller portion meals should cost as much as larger portion ones, with the excess money going to charity or  introduce half portion meals in all restaurants as a means of combating food waste

Another suggests that menus in old people’s homes and hospitals become tailor-made for patients and residents so as to prevent food waste due to offered meals not being in line with people’s dietary requirements.

Each of these proposals will be evaluated before deciding which of them should be implemented.

The Minister stressed the importance of a long and ongoing waste management educational campaign targeted at various sectors of society, including children and the elderly, so as to “penetrate people’s subconscious”.