Follow Up: The rice game! (Year 5 – Year 8)

Watch this video to get an idea of the game concept:

Resources you will need: 1kg rice/ a buff per player/ a plate per player/a marker (non-permanent).

Now depending on the number of players organise yourselves in a row and prepare a buff each to have the faces covered when the time comes.

Write only ONE of these terms on the plates. One term per plate:

Extreme weather conditions.





Empty 1kg of rice into the first plate.

Hand out a plate to the rest of the players.

Ask them to wear their buffs and start off the game. The aim of the game is to try and distribute the rice equally amongst all the players. Take your fair share and share the rest with the others.

At the end ask the players to remove their buffs and check if they got a fair share.

Ask them to read the term on their plate. That was the reason that hindered the fair share of food.

Moral of the game: Even though we want to be fair and distribute the rice evenly so that each gets his/her fair share there are circumstances that make this impossible at times.

Ex: If a number of pests like locusts eat my produce I don’t have enough food to eat and I cannot sell my product to buy more food. If there is conflict in my country, my crops may be ruined or set on fire or I am afraid to go to work as I might be injured or else I have to fight to defend my family instead of working the fields.  If there is severe drought my crops might not grow as I don’t have an irrigation system to water them.


Eco-tip! Use re-usable plates for this activity and NOT paper plates!