Follow Up SDG 4 – Superheroes in action! (Year 3 – Year 4)

Do you miss school? Did you know that some kids never attend school?

Join Chakra and Mighty Girl on their journey to Mumbai to discover why some kids never get the chance to attend school. – Watch here.

Press on the zoom button to be able to read the speech bubbles!

Now you know why some kids are not able to attend school.

So it’s time to create your own superhero character by logging in here.

Create and download your superhero character and save for the next step!

Now login to this site to create a speech bubble.

Close the ads window and scroll down!

Upload your superhero character picture and add a speech bubble.

Write a short message to students that cannot attend school because:

they are sick/ they are injured/ they live very far away from school/ their school has been bombed/ their parents have lost their job so they cannot pay for their school uniforms and books….

Send them a strong message in your speech bubble. Save, download and if you want print!