Follow Up SDG 4 – Il-gideb ta’ Toninu! (Early Years – Year 2)

Read the Maltese poem attached.

Why do you think Toninu wants to skip school?

Do you enjoy going to school?


Now that you have to stay at home because of the virus do you miss school?

What do you miss most about your school?

Did you know that some children around the world cannot go to school every day?

Why do you think it is not always possible for them to go to school?

To help them answer this question you might want to show them this episode of Thomas the Train.

Ask again after the video and if they have trouble coming up with an answer freeze at 0:47 and have them listen again or else read the transcript below:

But unfortunately, not all children are able to go to school. In some places, families can only afford to send some of their children to school, and sometimes they choose to send boys instead of girls. Other times, children can’t go to school, because schools are too far away, or because the weather has damaged the roads, or there’s fighting going on where they live.

You can also prepare flashcards with these ‘reasons’ hindering adequate access to schooling and ask them to hang them up with pegs on a clothes line across the room.