Follow Up SDG 4 – Fonzu l-Fenek (Early Years – Year 2)

A children’s song in Maltese featuring a day in the life of Fonzu l-Fenek./Kanzunetta bil-Malti għat-tfal dwar ġurnata tipika ta’ Fonzu l-Fenek.

Sing along to the song and watch with your kids through this link.

Show them this picture with the caption.

Follow up questions you can ask:

Is Fonzu a healthy rabbit?

What makes you think so?

What kind of food does Fonzu eat?

Are fruit and vegetables healthy?

How much should we eat a day?

If we go to school on an empty stomach what might happen to us?

Did you know that some kids manage to go to school but some are so tired and hungry by the time they get there that they hardly learn anything.

So let us remember to eat a healthy breakfast before we go to school!

Sing the song one more time!