Follow Up SDG 4 – Child labour! (Year 9 – Year 11)

Watch this video:

Special report: Inside the Congo cobalt mines that exploit children

After these children were discovered working in appalling conditions they were re-traced to offer them a schooling opportunity…

Special report: Revisiting the cobalt-mining boys

The boarding school is 100 miles away but his father agrees to give his son a chance just

the same.

How do you think Dorsen’s father feels?

How does Dorsen feel?

Dorsen might be saved for now as thanks to the media coverage he received people felt really sorry for him ….but what about the thousands of children having to work in atrocious conditions and missing school? What chance do they stand?

Are there any companies that are trying to minimise these bad conditions?  Trying to obtain raw materials like cobalt from a more sustainable source? Without having to resort to child labour?

When you start nagging for your first mobile or to buy a new one do you ever consider if any child was harmed in the production lines? Is there a way you can know?

Are there any labels that puts your mind at rest that no child/ worker was harmed or treated unfairly in the production of your mobile phone?

Can you carry out some research to find out if such labels exist?