Follow Up SDG 4 – A time-bomb! (Year 9 – Year 11)

What is the state doing to assist these students?

One of the plans to try and respond to these needs is the My Journey vision.

Download the document from this link to investigate if this new vision truly responds to the needs of these students.

Can you find anything in this document that is similar to those you have set in your SMART goals template?

Besides the My Journey vision the Ministry has also launched the ALP – Alternative Learning Programme.

Try to browse on the internet to check what it entails. Here is a video that you might find helpful.

What do you think? Is the programme catering for any of the needs mentioned in the absenteeism document?

A statement that we came across about the effectiveness of this programme is;

‘A time bomb ready to explode!’

To see why and to read about the Ministry’s reaction go to this link.

What is your opinion? Discuss!