Follow Up SDG 4 – 10 crazy ways to go to school! (Year 3 – Year 4)

We all have our bad days! Sometimes we wake up and we don’t really feel like going to school.

Sometimes we complain that kids in Malta and Gozo have to wake up VERY early to catch the bus for school which shouldn’t be! BUT…….

Did you know that some kids in different parts of the world miss school so much that given the chance they would go even if it is very difficult to reach and the journey to school is so dangerous.

Watch the following videos to try and understand how difficult it is for them to make it to school:

Kids who risk their lives going to school

How students risk their lives to learn

What about those students that are not mobile, have to use mobility aids such as crutches or are wheelchair users? How on Earth are they supposed to do these crossings?

Team up with one of your siblings or parents/ guardians and choose one of the situations in the video.

Imagine that you have arrived at this village and met these children. Think of ways how you can assist them to make the crossing less dangerous.

Ask yourself….Are you still having a bad day???

Now watch this video to learn how after long distances kids are so tired and hungry that it is very difficult for them to concentrate.

How can these kids be further assisted once they get to school?