Follow Up SDG 3 – Media savvy! (Year 5 – Year 8)

Due to the Covid-19 measure many people had to stay inside to practice social distancing. Look up articles in the media that show how the emissions have decreased since fewer cars are on the roads.

Have you realised that due to the Covid-19 measures and social distancing there were less cars on our roads? This resulted in a huge drop in car emissions and improved air quality.

Have a look at the newspaper title:

Air pollution in Malta falls by up to 70 per cent in just one month and read the full article here.

There are other articles on this topic. There is another one about reduction of severe asthma cases in Malta during the COVID 19 period. Try to find it!

Found it? What does the article say?

Do you think that the asthma cases have dropped because there are fewer cars?

What are the experts saying? Are there more reasons for this severe drop?