Follow Up SDG 3 – Germs (Early Years – Year 2)

Germ activity 

Place some water in a bowl. Sprinkle some pepper on the water surface. Then have your child put some of the “germs” on their hands and rub them together. Shake hands with each other or let them touch different surfaces to learn about how germs can be spread. Than ask them to place some washing liquid on the tip and dip into the water again and watch what happens.

Video demonstration here.

Germ Song

Learn about the importance of having access to water and soap through the song here.

Follow up questions you can ask:

What struck you most in the video?

Do all kids in the world have access to water?

What if the water is used up?

If they do not wash themselves and practice proper personal hygiene what might happen to them?

Do you think they have enough money to buy the medicines?

How much time should we spend washing our hands to remove all the germs?

What should we do when we are rubbing our hands with soap?

How much water would be lost each time if we leave the taps open while we are rubbing our hands?


Eco-tip! You can check this out by placing a number of cups or a bottle to collect the water that would otherwise go to waste. DO NOT throw the water you manage to collect but use it to water the plants or place it in a bucket to use later.