Follow Up SDG 1: Jack and the Beanstalk (Early Years – Year 2)

–     Watch/ listen to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk

–        After the story ask the children:

How do you know that Jack and his Mother were so poor?

How does Jack feel at the beginning of the story? You may use this sing-along song to introduce/remind them of the different feelings:

Why does he feel….sad/ miserable/ angry/sorry?

no toys / no money / no pets/ no dad/ no food/ no clothes/no siblings/ no friends

–        Now construct a beanstalk together following these guidelines.

Eco-tip! Use recyclable material from the grey/green bag you have at home.

Hang the flashcards at different levels on the beanstalk with the one causing the most sadness at the top. At the topmost part of the beanstalk place a sad emoticon!

–        Now go back to the story and watch the last part. Freeze at 16:47 and ask the students again.

How is Jack feeling NOW?

Why does he feel…happy/ joyful/ cheerful?

If you had to name ONE thing that made the whole difference what would that be?

money/ new pet/ more clothes/ more food/more toys……

You can replace the other flashcards with these new ones placing the one causing most happiness on the topmost branch. At the very top place the happy face emoticon!

If they decide to place ‘money’ at the very top you can ask if ‘money’ really makes people any happier?

There’s plenty of room for follow up discussions here!

–        Grow your very own beanstalk!

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