Follow Up SDG 1: Chocolate production (Year 5 – Year 8)

–        Do you love chocolate??? Watch this video with siblings and family members to learn about chocolate production:

What is the name of the tree from which we can make chocolate?

What is the name of the tool used to cut the pods?

How difficult do you think this job is?

Did you know that sometimes children are forced to work around 16 hours a day?

Did you know that they cannot even attend school because they work from dusk till dawn and sometimes well beyond?

Did you know that some kids that are involved in this trade have NEVER tasted chocolate?

Watch these videos to learn more:

Video 1: Fair Trade Chocolate

Video 2: Worked at the Ivory Coast Cacao Plantation: Tasting Chocolate for the First Time | TRACKS

Video 3: Chocolate’s Child Slaves – CNN: Especially watch from 07:56 to 10:00

So after TWO years working on the cocoa plantations one of the children in the video went back to his village with 200 Euros? How much did he earn approximately each day?

Do you think it’s fair?

How does this make you feel?

Is there anything you can you do about it?