Follow Up: COVID 19 and Hunger – A tale of two realities! (Year 9 – Year 11)

Reality 1:

Food and milk being thrown away because the demand is much lower since schools, restaurants and hotels closed due to COVID 19:

Watch these videos:

Video 1: Why Coronavirus Is Forcing Farmers to Destroy Their Crops

Video 2: Farmers dump milk that can’t get to markets



Reality 2:

On the other hand according to the 2020 – Global Report on Food Crises – World Food Programme:

It is expected that due to lockdowns, economic recession and collapsing of supply chains the number of people in the risk of hunger will be growing from 135 million to 265 million!

Have a look at this article: Risk of hunger pandemic as COVID-19 set to almost double acute hunger by end of 2020.

To get an idea of the sufferings that people are going through have a look at this situation in India after the lockdown due to Covid-19 was announced:

Millions of Indians who have been without work for weeks are facing hunger as the country battles the coronavirus outbreak. – Watch Video 3

So is this right?

Is it fair?

On one hand you have people throwing away food and milk and some kms away you have people dying of starvation?


Can’t something be done to deliver the food that is being thrown away to these hungry people?

Why can’t something be done?

Is it true that there are not enough delivery persons? Is that the real problem?

What other problems can you forsee?

Why can’t the aeroplanes be given special permission to deliver the cargo?

Is it true that most food is perishable? That unless refrigerated it will go to waste?