Eco Keeco

Eco Keeco is a story about protecting the environment. Peter is constantly making a mess, stealing flowers, and knocking down trashcans, all because of his jealousy towards Marina and her friendship with Tony.

Keeco and Peter get together by the river to catch some fish but only manage to find garbage. Keeco, the local garbage man, explains to Peter on how nature should be protected and why the river is so polluted and without fish. As a result, they decide to start an eco-foundation.
Mary and Tony forgive Peter for his past behaviour as he also joins the foundation…
In the final act, Keeco and children break into a song with the singing trashcans.
The play contains songs with both humorous and educational lyrics by two famous Croatian pop music writers (Dusko Mucalo – Ivo Lesic).
Theatre uses its own equipment (sound equipment, wireless microphones, lighting, various stage effects…)
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