Dogs Trust / Understanding your dog

Dogs Trust has teamed up with SPCA Malta to promote responsible pet ownership and improve standards of animal welfare on the island.

Our experience both in the UK and internationally can be used to reduce the numbers of street dogs, help improve standards of animal welfare, support existing charities and raise the status of companion animals in Malta.

Address: PO Box 486, Valletta, VLT 1000, Malta

email: [email protected]

tel: 21 42 15 00,     777 111 00,     79 79 03 33,     79 62 22 62

Dogstrust also work in conjunction with the Government of Malta (including the Ministry of Education and the Ministry for Rural Affairs and the Environment), leading a drive to educate the population in responsible ownership of their pets.  Details of workshops provided for schools, ages targeted and content are available in the weblink and contacts below.

Education Team Contacts –

Tel: 77 66 1000 or 79 62 22 62

email: [email protected]

Other useful information:

(WEB) – 25 video guides covering most areas of dog training, presented by Carolyn Menteith.

(Book) The Canine Commandments by Kendal Shepherd. A simple guide aimed at children but great for adults too which helps readers understand why dogs sometimes bite and how to avoid it.

(DVD) The Blue Dog DVD – interactive DVD aimed at preschool children looking at how to read a dog’s body language and facial expressions.  It’s ideal for children who can’t yet read but are able to use a computer mouse.