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Consumer Classroom is a community website for teachers bringing together an extensive library of consumer education resources from across the EU, along with interactive and collaborative tools to help prepare and share lessons with students and other teachers.

Consumer Classroom is about helping teachers to educate young people for the life ahead of them. It is about preparing them with the skills they need so that they consume in a conscious way and understand their role as actors in the economic system – creating a better society for us all.

Looking for a short presentation of Consumer Classroom?

Consumer Classroom is a new collaborative website for teachers about consumer education. It provides free, high quality resources for teachers along with interactive and collaborative tools to help teachers prepare lesson plans to share with students and other teachers from across the EU. Sign Up now on

Consumer Classroom is a new collaborative website for teachers from across the EU, providing quality resources for teachers and interactive tools to equip 12-18 year olds with the practical consumer skills they need for real life. The website is EU funded and aims to stimulate consumer education in secondary schools.

What can you do on the website?

     Access ready to use resources on consumer education

     Use the interactive lesson builders to create lesson plans

     Use the ‘My Class’ area to share lessons with your students

     Set-up Inter-Schools projects with other EU secondary schools

     Enter your class in the Inter-schools competition and win a class trip to Brussels!

     Discuss your views in the EU forum and share experiences

     Expand your knowledge of consumer education

How can I get involved?

Visit and register on the website. Get access to all the helpful teaching resources on the website as well as a personalised login area.

Share this information with other teachers and encourage them to register and get involved. You and your colleagues can become part of an exciting community preparing 12-18 year olds with lessons for life with Consumer Classroom!

 Looking for key focus areas presentations?

          Resources for teachers

·         Lesson plans for teachers

·         Sustainable consumption

·         Internet safety

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