Climate change and lifestyles guidebook for youths

Loads of information, activity ideas, tips, online resources and case studies about climate change – considering the food we eat, things we buy, transport, energy, third world countries, water, jobs, lifestyle, good life, leisure and entertainment and above all ways to take action.  All this is available in the UNESCO produced downloadable pdf Guidebook.

List of free online resources on pages 58-61.

Information and activities can also be easily adapted for early secondary years and younger.

This guidebook explores the links between climate change and lifestyles and helps young people consider the actions they might take towards more sustainable lifestyles. Aimed at young people/teenagers and educators, teachers, trainers and youth leaders in both developed and developing countries, this guidebook provides scientific, political, economic, social, ethical and cultural perspectives on climate change.

It explains complex issues supported by facts, graphics images, case studies, and resources. The guidebook includes the following sections: learning as change, climate change and its impacts, living the good life, food and drink, energy control, travel and transport, leisure and entertainment, shopping for stuff, money and jobs, connecting with others and taking action.