52 Tips for Biodiversity

Biodiversity – the variety of life on Earth – makes our planet habitable and beautiful.
Many of us look to the natural environment for pleasure, inspiration or recreation. We also
depend on it for food, energy, raw materials, air and water – the elements that make life
as we know it possible and drive our economies.
Yet despite its unique value, we often take nature for granted. The pressures on many
natural systems are growing, causing them to function less effectively or even taking
them to the brink of collapse. Biodiversity loss, as we call it, is an all too common
This is why the European Union is committed to halting biodiversity loss. Over the last
25 years, the EU has built up a network of 26 000 protected areas within its borders,
covering more than 850 000 km2. Known as Natura 2000, it is the largest network of
protected areas in the world, and a testament to the importance we attach to biodiversity.
We are determined to strengthen this landmark programme with further long-term
And we can all do more to help. We all have the power to help safeguard biodiversity
and we need everyone to join in. Everyone can make small changes in their daily habits
without dramatically affecting their lifestyles. These small changes, added together, can
We hope that the tips in this handy guide will help you to make that difference. Eating
local foods when they are in season, reducing wasted water, composting food waste, or
getting to know more about the animal and plant species that live in your local areas…if
everyone takes just some of these simple steps it will make a big difference in preserving
natural resources for future generations.
Janez Potočnik
European Commissioner for Environment