Action Plan

Kids towerThe information from the review is used to identify priorities and create an action plan, which sets realistic targets to improve environmental performance.

The data gathered from the environmental review will highlight the environmental issues that the school needs to address. The EkoSkola committee will now need to go through and prioritise these environmental concerns. The sections marked Action needed, Action to be taken and Cost involved (refer to the Environmental Review Checklist) can serve as discussion primers as well as good indicators for items to be considered in the formulation of the action plan.

The action plan consists of a series of timetabled targets aimed at achieving the goals identified by the environmental review. The action plan should identify deadlines, persons responsible for the actions and (if possible) how the actions are related to the curriculum.

Schools should aim to achieve >75% of the results of their stated action plan.

Action Aim Person
Time Curriculum
Anti-litter poster campaign Raise awareness of the anti-litter campaign throughout the school Junior Pupils Month 1 Arts &
Anti-litter presentation to school during morning assembly Awareness raising Senior Pupils Month 1 Maltese
Newsletter to parents about anti-litter campaign Informing and involving the wider community Senior Pupils Month 1 Maltese
Monitor litter in school Monitoring activities Committee Ongoing
Display and update litter graphs on the EkoSkola Notice Board Awareness raising Committee Ongoing Maths
Review targets Programme evaluation Committee Month 3
Repeat awareness raising activities Junior &
Senior Pupils
Month 4
Review targets Programme evaluation Committee Month 6
Celebrate success Encourage further participation in EkoSkola Whole school Month 6

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