Linking with other Eco-Schools

March 24, 2020

Want to share plans, ideas and projects with other Eco-Schools, local or foreign?  Or perhaps learn how other schools tackled particular difficulties or planned a particular theme? Schools are encouraged to set up links with other schools participating in the Eco-Schools programme – you have a choice from 53 countries.

Besides sharing EkoSkola experiences students can practice the languages they are learning at school.  Schools are free to decide how to proceed with the linking, whether through simple email contact between link persons, email exchange between students, YRE collaborations, LEAF joint projects, e-Twinning, GLOBE or ERASMUS+ projects, video conferencing or even exchange visits.

Should you have any queries or need any help to find a school contact, whether it is local or from a foreign country, do not hesitate to contact Ms Marvic Refalo on [email protected]

Happy Networking!

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