EkoSkola Students’ Contribution for Malta’s Strategy for the Environment for 2050

October 20, 2022

Since its launch in 2002, EkoSkola has always been a front runner in providing opportunities for young people to voice their concerns about the country’s sustainability issues. EkoSkola students have repeatedly called upon policy makers to implement policies that would improve the quality of life by improving the quality of the environment in the Maltese Islands.

Nature Trust – FEE Malta, the eNGO that runs the EkoSkola programme, is convinced that quality of life in Malta would be much better if young people’s voices are really appreciated by policy makers.

Thus, when students and educators learned that Malta’s Environment Strategy for 2050 was up for consultation, everyone realised that it was a ‘not to be missed’ opportunity. Nature Trust-FEE Malta mobilised its members to produce a Children’s Version of the Executive Summary of the National Strategy for the Environment 2050 which was also distributed to schools participating in EkoSkola for feedback.

In a meeting held at the Environment and Resources Authority this morning, EkoSkola students were met by ERA officials and Hon. Minister Miriam Dalli – Minister for Environment, Energy and Enterprise. The students presented a copy of the Children’s version of Malta’s National Strategy for 2050 and also a document with a selection of suggestions from over 675 recommendations that students participating in EkoSkola have presented to policy makers over the years organised on the basis of the Strategic Goals of the National Strategy for the Environment 2050 Consultation Document.

These suggestions were agreed and submitted by 1862 students (from 348 schools) during 16 sessions of the EkoSkola Young People’s Summit spanning from 2009 till 2022.

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