17th Edition of the EkoSkola Parliamentary session

June 29, 2023

The 17th edition of the EkoSkola Parliamentary session was organised on Wednesday 28th June 2023, by the e-NGO Nature Trust – FEE Malta under the auspices of the Speaker of the House Dr Anġlu Farrugia.

The focus of this year’s session was Young People in Danger. Issues related to danger caused by: pollution, lack of open spaces, traffic, conflict regions, unhealthy home environments, families experiencing problems were tackled by various schools to shed more light about the way these realities are compr0mising the quality of life of children and youths across the world. The theme was chosen following a survey amongst more than 2,000 students during the past editions of the FEEfest. It was decreed even higher on the agenda due to the Ukrainian Russian conflict earlier last year.

In preparation for this much awaited yearly sitting, EkoSkola students held school meetings to analyze the data gathered from their research and investigation exercises to shed more light about the origin of the problems, the consequences and tangible solutions that can be addressed at school and community level according to national and international policy framework. The chosen theme not only embodies the true essence of UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals but it served as a means for students to realise that despite the hopelessness and helplessness of some situations, tangible solutions do exist. Whilst acknowledging the fact that due to the insularity of the islands we are relatively far from the line of fire, students had the opportunity to realise that on various fronts we are much closer than one might think.

EkoSkola primary and secondary students addressed the attendeees in the chamber making a total of 26 interventions highlighting action-oriented approaches they are taking in their respective school communities. Amongst the speeches were several appeals to the country’s policymakers to beef up action to safeguard lives that are in imminent danger but also to ensure a better quality of life as a basic human right. MPs from both sides of the House responded to the students’ inputs praising them for their commitment and encouraging them to keep coming forward with proposals.

Several other Members of Parliament from both sides of the House were present following an invite sent by the students. The students tabled the interventions made for those Members of Parliament that could not make it for this year’s edition of EkoSkola Parliament. Several distinguished guests were also present in the stranger’s gallery, including sponsors who support the EkoSkola programme. A total of fifty four students from 27 schools attended the 17th EkoSkola Parliament Session.


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