Incorporating Environmental Education into the Primary School Curriculum: a Teacher’s Manual

The following pages are extracts from a manual produced by the Faculty of Education in February 1991 to implement a pilot project on the incorporation of environmental education (EE) into primary teacher education. The project was under the auspices of UNESCO. A team of six teachers and educators with experience in environmental education collaborated on the project for a number of months. They analysed the primary school curricula and textbooks to identify the EE components and the needed EE components. For the latter they suggested a number of activities suitable for children at the various levels of the primary school, which can serve as examples of what imaginative teachers can do to weave the dimension of the environment into the various subjects of the primary school without unduly disturbing the current curriculum.

The manual was discussed during a national seminar for education officers, curriculum developers, heads of school and teachers, which was organized in collaboration with the Department of Education. The Foundation of International Studies helped in the production of the manual and was instrumental in the organization of the national seminar.

The Project Team

Frank Ventura – Project Co-ordinator

Paul Pace – Project Secretary

Desiree Falzon

Victor Falzon

Alfred Micallef

Anthony Pace