Follow Up SDG 4 – Obstacle race! (Early Years – Year 2)

Use the chairs and some old boxes you have at home and any other items to create an obstacle race for your kids. The main aim is to arrive safely at your destination which in this case is your school.

At first you might want to make the journey quite easy and then start introducing an obstacle at a time.

You can also stick the ‘reasons’ flashcards from the previous activity to each item on the obstacle course and explain why this obstacle hindered your child to arrive safely.

Another variant could be to use an old pushchair to double up as a wheelchair to have them do the obstacle course in it and ask them how it feels like for students with disabilities.

You can involve other siblings at home by dressing them up as animals and having them pounce on their sibling doing the obstacle race to simulate attacks from animals on their journey to and from school.

At the end of the activity print out the school to home maze and ask them to find their way back home from school.