Follow Up SDG 3 – A Tragic Choice: Fight Malaria or Starve? (Year 9 – Year 11)

Millions of mosquito nets are given out to fight malaria in Africa, yet many faced with hunger use them as fish nets, creating potential environmental problems.

Watch this video and then discuss the questions that follow.

Ask a friend of yours or one of your siblings to watch this video.

Decide on a role you are to take. Either the fishermen faced with the hunger dilemma or else the authority that is distributing the malaria nets to try and curb the cases of malaria in your country. Spend a few minutes to list convincing arguments and then choose a moderator that is to moderate the debate. You are to be allowed equal time to make your arguments. You can also organise this session online via Skype or any other convenient medium. At the end of

the discussion try to switch roles and bring up different arguments than the ones already discussed.